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Infowebi Teenused OÜ

Infowebi Teenused OÜ

Vision - to reach the status of an internationally recognized and attractive trade mark of informational media, which users are not limited with a single country.

Mission - to exchange information between two parties; the offeror and the consumer in the broadest sense maximizing the innovative aspects of information exchange.

Goals - to be the leading channel of quality service business information in Internet with the larges user base.

Infowebi Teenused OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital, which is specialized in compiling and developing business portals in Estonia. The company was established in 1998. We can boldly say that we are the pioneers of our field. Our mission is to bring together the companies and the consumers, maximizing the utilization of the directing media and the Internet.

Business Catalogue www.infoweb.ee - know not only in Estonia.
The business portal of Infoweb is created to facilitate finding of business information. You can find almost all the business registered in Estonia there. There are several search opportunities: you can use company name, address, registration number or phone to find other information about the company. Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) (C2B) relations are being made easier as well. You can send an E-mail to a company or a group of companies via our database. Using keywords you can find businesses dealing with the area or products you need, get a better offer or make an offer yourself. For busy people we offer SMS short numbers and important phone numbers, as well as area codes, postal indexes and currency exchange rates. Directories abroad will help to create useful contacts with businesses in other parts of the world.

Directing media in the Internet
Internet, as the fastest growing media channel has became the world’s largest and most efficient information channel. Internet databases have great advantages compared to other media channels. Price per contact is relatively low compared to traditional media channels, at the same time it enables much more accurate targeting of the customer group. Due to excellent technical solutions accurate numbers of contacts made are also available. The interactivity of the Internet gives us several different opportunities to catch the interest of potential customers, ads and video clips give good overview of the products of services offered. Seasonal campaigns can be timed with excellent accuracy using the pages with steady readers. All this is brought to you by Infoweb – reaching the most business clients with the lesser cost.
We are available 24 hours a day everywhere in the world, where there is the Internet. And all the world can find you! All the time. Everywhere.

Contact details of Infowebi Teenused OÜ
Koskla 20-2, 10615 Tallinn
Phone (+372) 665 2800,
fax (+372) 665 2801